Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marriage Thoughts

5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Marriage

Marriage is tough, sister. Some of this you know, like nixing the idea that towels will be folded a certain way, tolerating game night with the boys, or if you're a guy, maybe you've heard there will be love stories on your plasma TV. But it's tough in other ways that no one really talks about at weddings. Here are five tough things about marriage that every married person knows, along with how to be tough right back and kick ass anyway.
Marriage isn't fair. It's not equal. At any given time someone is getting more than their share of the good stuff, and someone is picking up more than their share of the crap end of the stick. This is just life -- it's not a perfectly balanced teeter totter, and it never will be. Surprise!
Think of a game of teeter totter where the goal is to stay balanced the whole time, with both people's toes touching. No one dips, and no one floats. Whenever someone starts to go up, the falling person whines and crabs about how unfair it is and the rising person feels guilty and nervous. Super fun, right? NO. The point of teeter totter is the joy of rising, the anticipation of falling, and the fact that you work together to keep the cycle moving.
So deal with it. Don't spend any time tallying up how much slack you're picking up so you can demand to be repaid. Just ride the flippin' teeter totter, do your part pushing, and trust your partner not to bump you off when you're on top.

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