Monday, July 30, 2012

A Different Disney

A couple of weeks ago my boss' wife asked me if I wanted to go to Disney. FO SHO!! But this trip was slightly different than most I had been on. This one I was going to be a chaperon. It was going to be my boss' mom, my boss' wife, my boss' daughter (3 years old), my boss' two nieces from Israel (10 and 8 years old), and another one of my boss' wife's friend.

We had a great time, but like I said, it was different :) Everywhere we went we had to 'find a hand to hold', there was lots of the smaller rides (like Whiney the Pooh and the Carousel), and whining [hey, Ryan at least tries to keep his whining to himself, hehe]. OH YES, AND OF COURSE, FACE PAINTING, HOW COULD I FORGET?!

My boss' wife sent over some of the pictures today, so I figured I'd post them for you to see. [Proof that I don't hate kids :) ]

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