Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cruisin' on the Bikes

This morning we ran some errands and brought our bikes along so we could go for a little ride when we were done. We went down to Carlsbad and got the bikes out. We rode along the beach on the 101. We had such great weather this weekend we probably could have rode all day (although we were hungry and Ryan was a little uncomfortable because he got a sunburn on his belly yesterday from our time at the pool). We stopped along some of the cliffs to watch the surfers and snapped a quick picture of us before hitting the road again.

While we were on our little ride I realized I really need to start getting my accessories for my bike... Basket, bell (or horn, not sure which I prefer yet), and streamers! Don't worry, once I doctor my bike up I will be SURE to take some pictures :)

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