Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mickey Is Calling

So last weekend Ryan went with Kornel up to Anaheim while he bought a car (Ryan had to drive them up so that Kornel could drive his new car home). Kornel being the funny guy he is, checked him and Ryan in at Disneyland, since it was a close by 'check-in' on Facebook. On Wednesday I went up that way for a training on our phone systems at work. The trainer even mentioned when we got done which direction to turn to go to Disney. Then Thursday I got the mail and there was a mailer from Mickey...

He misses us, just like we miss him :) I have to take it as a sign.

Don't worry Mickey! We will be back! It is just since the summer is blacked out with the passes we buy, we might as well wait till the fall (birthday presents) to get our annual passes again. I feel like it has been FOREVER since we have been to Disney... Okay, I think it was back in May of 2010 that we went last, so maybe not forever, but at least a year :) WE SHALL RETURN!!

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