Friday, March 16, 2007

Living Arrangements

So many choices. I have a lease on my apartment I am currently at that will end at the end of August. I could choose to live there for another year (and sign another 1 year contract), or go somewhere else. I am paying $725 a month and probably $30 in utilities. Looking into moving, I am seeing places ranging between $550 to $800. Most of the lower prices places are just studios, meaning just one main room (that would be your bedroom, living room, etc - sort of like a dorm room). If I do decide to move, I would have to figure out where exactly I should go. I like where I am at right now, but I could move closer to where I work (right now my commute is about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic). I could also move a little further north, seeing that Ryan comes down to visit or I go up to visit him, and he lives about 35 minutes north of me. Haha, I know that this is like 6 months from now, but I am a planner and like to have things worked out in my mind (I know, I have a problem giving up control). Anywho, just thinking, so thought I would put it out there for the public :)


Ernie B said...

Well many people can suggest, but your the one that has to sign. So pray about it, and contiune to do so until you get that famous smile of yours and you know in your heart that you are gonna to make that move or your going to stay. I remember your DAD telling me oh yeah she is coming hom from UM and she is leaving for CA in three days. And my comment was she DOESNT waste anytime does she! He grinned. SO with the being said, whatever you choose Im sure it will be the right answer.

larchmeany said...

I say you should move another 35 minutes away from Ryan. Make him work harder...OK, not really. Make sure you check out the neighborhoods well. Be thankful you have time and choices. God will let you know which place is right.