Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Being Known

Just a thought running through my head this afternoon... God knows all about me, he even knows the number of hairs on my head (Matthew 10:24-33). I know that no one on this side of Heaven could know that much about me, but how much do people know about me? I would say I am an open person, that I am outgoing and friendly, but I also keep things to myself. There are aspects of myself that people don't know about. I wonder how much people know about me. In a percentage compared to God (God knowing 100%), what others would know. It is nice to have people know you genuinely. This probably just seems like babbling, but I thought I would put the question out there.


Land Sea Collective said...

I don't know you as good as God, but I know your pretty good!!!! Its crazy to think how God knows us so well!!!!

Ernie B said...

Carlee I will never know all about you, and I shouldnt, GOD knows us all the best and he is the only person that has that Prvlidge (SP) I know about the truck/car/Ryan and the jobs and the move. Your dad shared all that and I totally agree with him that GOD really took care of things. Not having to get up at 4am and take you to the airport days later after leaving UM, it was so nice that Ryan did that.
The time that the Bright Yellow truk was sold, guy called looked at it and bought it without any haggling.

Awesome Sue, for a while Sue would ask me for a pen as she didnt have one, actually was a regular thing on wednesdays nights.

Or the times when she had Paul painting the house all these different colors. Always brought a smile and yup I never knew why but I knew GOD did.
People dislike me because I actually can do something, back in the time when I was not in Gods Kingdom I hung out with the wrong crowd and got accused for things that I had nothing to do with. They claims I stole $600K but I never was charged cause that was false. One day when I was 16 living on Bernard Dr . I had Detective Tisdale come to the front door and wanted to question me about a shooting that someone said I did it, Well after mom and I asked when I was suppose to have done this I was in the hospital having eye surgery and had my hospital paperwork and he asked if I would fill charges against the person that reported a false report. WE did.
So I didnt live the easy life, but I never stole, killed or raped anyone. Best Part is GOD knows what happened and he is the only that matters. I could sue people that like to make my life misarable but thats Gods JOB.