Tuesday, March 27, 2007


What is wrong with this picture? Today the high is San Diego is 56 (winds up to 65 mph). That news on its own isn't too bad, it is what I would expect for 'winter weather'. What I didn't expect was when I looked up the weather for Temperance for it to be 15 degrees WARMER?! It is 73 degrees in Michigan right now and only 56 here. Something must be wrong with that, right? I guess I'm okay with it, especially because who knows if it will snow tomorrow in Michigan, but I am 99% sure that San Diego will be about 60 and not as inconsistent as Michigan weather.

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Mitchie said...

yup, its beautiful here today, and its even more glorious after a really frigid, snowy winter. i might cry if it snows again (and its inevitable). i hope you enjoys your moderate, temperate, uncrazy weather.