Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The fam

So I got some updates from my mom at lunch about the family, so I thought I would pass them along to those of you keeping track. My grandpa will be going in for surgery tomorrow at Toledo Hospital. He has to be there about 11am and the surgery won't start until 1pm or so (he has to lay still for a while before hand, or something along those lines). He will be having a heart catheter put in. I'm not exactly sure of the details but will post tomorrow when my mom calls once he is out. My grandma went to the orthopedic surgeon this morning for her shoulder. They took x-rays and decided that she will need surgery to put a few pins in her shoulder. She wanted to wait on surgery until after my grandpa's, so she will be going back to the doctor next Tuesday for x-rays so they can decide where exactly to put the pins and then hopefully they will get her into surgery to fix her shoulder by Wednesday or Thursday of next week (again, I'll keep you updated). Other than that Raymond Cooley (one of my grandma's good friends and close friend to the family) is in the hospital, but we are not sure which one, I guess Mary (his wife) keeps calling and leaving my grandma messages and she hasn't told her what hospital he is in. I guess he was having chest pains last night and Mary took him to the hospital and they just put a stint of some kind in (again, we aren't too sure of all the details). My dad is doing well though, although he hasn't started walking on the treadmill again my mom said. Hopefully the news to come will all be positive and I will keep everyone updated. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayers!!

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