Friday, February 2, 2007

My Daddy-O

I talked to my dad on the phone this morning. He is in good spirits. He feels better, so thanks for all of the prayers and kind thoughts coming his way. They were still waiting for the doctor (I told him that they always seem to be waiting for the doctor, but he assured me he did a good job and he is an 'afternoon guy'). He will be in the hospital for a couple more days, they haven't told him when he would be able to get out yet. He is okay with staying there. I guess St. Anne's is a great facility (where my brother was a couple months ago when he fractured a rib and punctured his lung) and he has a single room and a TV. The TV was a big selling point, seeing that he didn't want to miss the Super Bowl (and all the commercials :) ). He said he still has his stomach tube in (going through his nose down to his stomach), so he hasn't been able to eat yet. He is being filled with IVs though, so said he hasn't been hungry yet. He also has a drainage tube in the incision still since there was so much fluid from his bad appendix. The tube in his nose is not fun he said. He doesn't like people touching his nose (he asked me if I ever realized he didn't like people touching his nose, and I told him that I never remembered touching his nose and he reminded me that that was probably the reason). I believe that he is in great hands and I am glad things are progressing the way they are. This has been an answer to prayer (it's hard to be across the country and not be able to do anything or be there). Keep praying and we will bring him back home!

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