Monday, February 26, 2007

Geo Caching

Ryan and I took our first trip out as RC Pirates in our quest for geo caching. We found 2 different caches and looked for another 2. It was pretty fun and I am glad we are finding things to do outside that we enjoy, especially since we have such great weather out here in San Diego. So if you don't know what Geo Caching is, it is sort of like finding buried treasure (which is why we call ourselves pirates, cause we are looking for the 'booty'). There are thousands of hidden 'caches' all over the world. What you do is look up the coordinates of the cache you want to look for (some come with clues and some don't), and then you use a GPS device to go out and look for the hidden treasures. Ryan has a GPS thing for in his car that you can actually use hand held, so we used that for the weekend. It is pretty fun and makes you feel like you are really looking for hidden presents. Then when you find them, there is a log and presents in the cache. In the log you write your name and date and then you leave a gift and take one out. It is super fun and I would recommend everyone trying it at least once (go to to find local caches). Here is a photo with me and one of our caches.

And the cache itself:

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