Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dad Updates

So, since the last post some things have changed. The major change is that the doctors are now unsure if my dad has appendicitis in the first place. They didn't want to cut him open for nothing, so he stayed the night in the hospital last night. This morning they did more blood work and re-ran the tests that they ran before. He also was waiting to have another CT Scan when I spoke to them last. His back has been really hurting him, so they have him on some pain medications for that (when I spoke with him he sounded very 'relaxed'). My mom has been at the hospital with him since he went in, and is constantly calling everyone, unfortunately just to tell them that they still don't know what's wrong with my dad. When she calls with more info I'll update you, but as of right now, no one knows what's wrong.

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