Wednesday, December 27, 2006

End of the year survey

In 2006, did you...fall in love with someone that was just a friend? Nope fall in love at all? Daily lose any friends? Fortunately not make any new friends? Many make any new enemies? Nope develop any new hobbies? Surfing get older? Thankfully do anything you regret? Nope go to any parties? The summer was a never ending party accomplish anything? I graduated, moved to California, etc... It was a big year for me make much money? Not at all attend a wedding? Yeppers attend a funeral? No get any new family members? Nope, I have a small family move away? Yep, Michigan to San Diego, California gain any new perspectives? Everyday get into a verbal fight? Yes get into a physical fight? Nope attend any sporting events? Yep, I love sports get arrested? Ha, nope wreck your car? No get a new car? Yeah, well new to me (2005 Ford Focus) make any big purchases? My car get kicked out of a store, restaurant or any other kind of business? Not that I can remember get fired from a job? Nope get offered a job? Yeah, an internship @ USD and a position @ Cass Construction (and a few others, but I didn't take them) get a raise at a job? Not yet (keep your fingers crossed) learn anything? Daily dump your bf/gf? Nope get dumped by your bf/gf? Nope (over 3 years and still kickin') develop any new health problems? Every day change as a person? I hope get any new piercings? Nope (I think I'm stuck @ 13 for a while) get any new tattoos? Nope, I can't decide what I want next attend a concert? Hmmm... I don't remember crowd surf? Nope travel out of state? Yep, I just got back from Michigan read any books? Million Little Pieces, Freakonomics, My Friend Leonard, Running with Scissors (and a lot more I can't remember right now) travel out of the country? Nope spend much money? Unfortunately, California is expensive download any music? Nope try out any new looks? No sign up for a myspace? Nope sign up for a facebook? I've had it for a while now eat a food that you had never eaten before? Probably (seeing that now I am vegetarian) go golfing? Nope, it's boring... go bowling? Yep start to resent something or someone that you used to like? Yep
In 2006, how many....different places did you work? 4 (UofM Art School, UofM Housing, USD, Cass Construction) times did you smoke marijuana? Never smoked anything drugs did you take? Does Tylenol count? times did you have health problems? Every day times did you go to the movies? A few, but I really don't like to go (too expensive) concerts did you attend? A few people did you make out with? 1 people did you have sex with? Zero people tried to have sex with you? I hope none... times did you get your ass kicked? Zero crushes did you have? None times did you attend church? Weekly bad habits did you pick up? None that I can think of "rough nights" did you have? None
In 2006, what was...your favorite day of the year? April 29th (Graduation Day) your favorite movie? Little Miss Sunshine your favorite song of the year? Michael Buble - Home the most expensive thing you stole? Nothing the biggest event you attended? Graduating with 10,000 other MICHIGAN WOLVERINES something that didn't change at all this year? Love for my family your favorite holiday? Christmas (surprising my family was the best thing ever)

Misc. questions about 2006 A.D. were you in a hospital this year? No were you in an ambulance this year? No did you make any big confessions in 06? No embarrassed about anything you did this year? Nah what's the best thing to happen to you this year? Becoming independent did you meet anyone that you could see yourself marrying? Yeah, but I met him years ago did you vote this year? Yes did you bring sexy back this year? Ha, depends on who you ask :) was 2006 a great year, an average year or a bad year? Great year what goals did you set for 2007? Figure out what I want to do with my life

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