Friday, December 8, 2006


I have been listening to Christmas music a lot lately (probably because it is the only time in the year it is viewed as 'acceptable' and I wouldn't be looked at like I was weirder than I already am). There is just something about Christmas music that makes me smile and get all giddy. It is just so fun, and wholesome. I mean, who doesn't like rockin' out to a little N'Sync Christmas. Which reminds me, N'Sync Christmas is my favorite Christmas cd. My mommy called me this afternoon while I was at work to blare some tunes into the phone. How great! Christmas is a little different now, now that there is NO SNOW involved. IT IS GREAT! I mean I do miss the white stuff sometimes, JUST KIDDING! Today it is a high of 75 degrees and it is DECEMBER 8th! This weekend there are supposed to be some great waves, so Ryan and I will be at the beach every day - I mean really, the beach 2 and a half weeks before Christmas (HOW I LOVE CALIFORNIA). If you are ever sad, or lonely, pop in some Jingle Bell Rock and tell me you don't feel a smiggen better. (Ok, so I was going to do an alternating every other word color scheme, but it was taking too long, so every other sentence will have to do:)).

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