Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ball of emotions

What I am feeling currently:
  • Cold (the office is chilly and we had a frost last night)
  • Frustrated (that nothing seems to be going the way I thought it would)
  • Excited (to surprise people I love)
  • Wasted talent (I went to the University of Michigan and I once you boil down my job I am doing 'data entry')
  • Grateful (I have so much compared to others in the city, state, country, world)
  • Lonely (Although I feel like I have friends, I feel like no one really 'knows' me)
  • Achey (With the weather changing and fibromyalgia, my body just hurts)
  • Confused (I am not sure if this is the place for me)
  • Familial (I just really love my family right now)
  • Prayerful (my grandma will be having surgery soon, as will my grandpa)
  • Fragrent (well, not really me, but my my sent flowers yesterday so my office is smelly and lovely)
  • Proud (I have been able to pack up and move across country with very little problems)
  • Drained (I've been working 9.5 hour days this week and it is a little long)
  • Thankful (the reason for the season is Jesus)
  • Bored (since I have been working longer hours I have had more empty time during the work day)
  • Hungry (I left for work early so I could go to the bank and forgot to grab something to eat)
  • Empty (like I have nothing to give to anyone)
  • Lucky (to have a family that cares about me as much as they do)
  • Angry (sometimes I feel like I 'deserve more')
I'm sure there are plenty more emtions running through me, but for right now those are some that come to mind.

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Glenn said...

Hey Carlee -- you look maaahvelous! Thanks for blogrolling me -- I'm honored.