Sunday, February 12, 2023

Workout Recap - Week 6

Sunday, February 5th  12.8 mile run (~2 hours)

Monday, February 6th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Tuesday, February 7th –  Rest Day

Wednesday, February 8th – 80 minutes on the stationary bike

Thursday, February 9th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Friday, February 10th  90 minutes on the stationary bike

Saturday, February 11th – Rest Day 

Well, poo... My right groin started feeling funny after my long run last Saturday. It took me a couple limping steps to get into a rhythm on Sunday, but once I started running it felt fine. Unfortunately the rest of the week it felt "off". Thankfully this was a "cutback" week (meaning I had fewer miles than the previous couple weeks where I was building mileage) so I didn't "miss" as many miles as I could've, but still not great because the groin is not 100% yet. I went to the chiropractor on Friday, hoping that an adjustment would help, but it's still not completely better. Listening to your body, when your body isn't at its best can suck, but I know it's what I need to do... So here's to biking, foam rolling and stretching for a bit longer.

How were your workouts this past week?

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