Tuesday, February 22, 2022


A couple weeks ago I was on a run and was disappointed with all of the trash along my route. So often we point the finger at others (for example - the people who are doing the littering [don't get me wrong, they definitely shoulder A LOT of the blame], the city for not providing adequate trash receptacles, etc), but I wanted to reframe this. Instead of being frustrated with others, I thought to myself "I need to do MY part." That lead me to come up with the idea of the #3PieceChallenge. 

The thought is, on every run or walk, I am challenging myself to pick up at least three pieces of trash along the way. Now obviously, I would much prefer to be able to pick up EVERY SINGLE PIECE I come in contact with, but I know that I wouldn't be able to make it wherever I was trying to go in the alloted time I had to get there. I thought putting a number on the amount would alleviate some of the pressure (or guilt) I might feel if I passed over other pieces along by route. Three pieces might not seem like a lot, but I think it's doable and sustainable - not to mention, you can normally carry three items of trash in your hand so you don't need to carry along some large trash bag while you are out for a run/ walk. Also, if I hope to get other people involved, I didn't want the number to feel too overwhelming that folks don't want to join in. 


Every so often I think, "these three small pieces of trash don't make a difference", but THEY DO! Those three pieces are three less pieces that might end up in our oceans, streams or the wild blue yonder. Most days I get in a run, then the hubby and I walk the doggy (at least a consecutive mile a day), I also walk commute to work and get in some mileage on my lunch break. On an average day that's TWELVE pieces of trash that are no longer littering the great outdoors. 

Please hear me out, this is not me tooting my own horn or asking for a pat on the back. This is me extending the challenge to you! Would you join me in the #3PieceChallenge? You can totally make it "fun". Maybe you look for a certain color of trash or stick with a theme (i.e. plastic utensils or Starbucks garbage). Shoot, if you live in a state that takes a deposit for cans and bottles, you could make some change while helping to save the planet ;) Get your kids/ running group/ friends involved. Let's be good stewards of this gorgeous place we can home and leave it better than we found it. 

It'd be awesome if brands would be willing to offer prizes for folks participating, but for now it's just out of the goodness of your heart and your love for Mother Nature and keeping our planet (three pieces of trash) cleaner one walk/ run at a time.

Will you join me in leaving the area around you a little better than you found it?

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