Sunday, December 5, 2021

Workout Recap - Week 49

Sunday, November 28th – 5.5 mile run

Monday, November 29th – Rest Day

Tuesday, November 30th – 6.5 mile run

Wednesday, December 1st – Rest Day

Thursday, December 2nd – 6.5 mile run

Friday, December 3rd – Rest Day

Saturday, December 4th – Into The Wild 28K

I am STOKED to be back at it, even if the mileage is lower and there is still a slight twinge in my lower back/ left glute area. It doesn't seem as though running is aggravating it or making it worse, but I'm still planning on taking things nice and easy (and I'm PUMPED that I was able to tackle a very hilly trail run on Saturday with zero pain at all!). This week I wrote out a training plan for my next goal (if you follow me on Instagram you probably know what said goal is, otherwise I guess I need to write a blog post about it soon to spill the beans ;)). I've got a rescheduled 50K in March (or at least I'm hoping it'll actually happen after so many postponements...), so "real" training will start again in the coming weeks. LET'S GET IT!

How were your workouts this past week?

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