Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday Favorites

It's Friday - WHOO HOO! And since it's Friday in December, that means we can resume our chips and salsa dates because we are no longer practicing our No Spend November - EXTRA WHOOO HOOO! But before I go gorge myself on my favorite Mexican food, I've gotta share some of my recent favorite finds with some of my favorite folks - YOU! 

Momentum Jewelry Mini Sparks

Momentum Jewelry recently released a new product, called "Mini Sparks". And I am IN LOVE! They sort of remind me of Pura Vida bracelets, with less string strains of course. Currently there are three in the collection - hearts, petite arrow and waves (but word on the street is there may be more designs coming... and coming soon!). I think I need them ALL (along with whatever new designs are coming down the pike). I can hardly wait to see what's next!

Heated Sidewalks in Holland, Michigan

I saw this in a Runner's World tweet and watched the whole video. Holland is on the west side of Michigan, while I grew up on the east side, but Michigan is still Michigan so I'm gonna claim pride on this one nonetheless! PS Running in a winter wonderland may "seem" fun, but I promise you, it is not all it's cracked up to be. Having cleared sidewalks to run on in the thick of winter is a MAJOR blessing! (Although, let's be real, I'd prefer to run in sunny SoCal any day of the week ;))

New Yeti Trail Runners Gear

OMGEEEEEEEE! Some of the new gear that just hit the Yeti Trail Runners site is AMAZEBALLS! I am pretty sure Santa is going to get a list complete with at least six items from the shop. I narrowed it down to my favorites (it was tougher than you'd think), but I think my top choices are the Yeti Unicorn Capris (although I'm not sure how I feel about white...), the Yeti Unicorn Leggings, the Yeti Unicorn Sports Bra, the Rainbow Yeti Unicorn Sports Bra (although, real talk, I'm not sure how I feel about the lack of padding... #HelloHeadlights), the Yeti Trail Runners Tee and the Yeti Can Tee. Like I said - AWESOMESAUCE, right?! But if I "had to" pick just two, it'd be the leggings and the black and white sports bra... I think ;)

#WeRunSocial Ornament Exchange

The hubby and I keep our tree very simple - red, silver and white bulbs (with one Mickey and one Minnie ornament hidden amongst the tree). Even still, I signed up for the #WeRunSocial Ornament Exchange. If you want to participate you have until TONIGHT to register. It is simple - enter your name into the Elfster Exchange and then the system does the rest (this year it is only for US addresses, since there hasn't been a ton of participants in the past when international options have been opened). It will randomly connect you with another runner and you will send them an ornament ($10 limit) that says something about you or the area in which you live. I have a couple ideas of the ornaments I want to get, but need to wait to see who I "draw" to see which I prefer to send. The ornament needs to be in the mail by Tuesday so everyone can put it on their tree for a few days before Christmas! Can't wait to see who randomly gets me and what ornament arrives!


What are you loving lately?

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