Monday, October 28, 2019

Q&A with Carlee

I posted on my social media accounts last week, asking folks if I did a Q&A if there were any questions they were dying to ask me and I got a plethora of questions (and quite the variety too!). I figured I’d answer a few of them a week. If there’s anything YOU want to know, make sure to leave the question in the comments so I can touch on it in an upcoming post.

What made you start your blog?

I started my blog in 2006 because I had moved across the country and it was an easier way to keep people in the loop on what I was doing - as opposed to sending individual emails to everyone. I’d say for the first couple years my parents were probably the only ones reading my blog (and the content was pretty embarrassing, to be honest). When I started running in 2012, the blog slowly transitioned more into that realm because it quickly began taking over my life (joking... sorta...).


Where do you store all the treasures you find on your runs?

After the first year of #CarleesTreasures I actually turned the treasures into an art piece (I glued everything I found onto canvases) and donated them to a local art space that does monthly trash clean-ups. After that first year I slowed my role (mostly because the storage of the treasures wasn’t something I was thrilled about) and now either just photograph the goodies and throw them out or donate them depending on the find. I donate all of the money I find to Girls on the Run.

What’s your favorite race memory?

Oh golly, do I have to choose only one?! Well, it’s my blog and I can do what I want ;), so I’ll pick two. First was qualifying for Boston at St. George Marathon. There were four of us ladies running and each of us hit our goal. I crossed the finish line after one of their husband’s and I yelled his name. He turned around, knew I qualified (based on his time) and pumped his fist in the air. It reminded me that although running may be a solo sport, there are so many people in the community pulling for you! Next has to be my first Boston. I mean, do you remember the weather of 2018?! It was CRAY-CRAY! But I soaked up every single moment (literally, HA!) and that race is forever solidified in my mind!

What made you want to renovate your condo?

We bought our place back in 2010. It was move-in ready when we bought it, but it just wasn’t our taste. The only thing we did when we moved in was paint the bedrooms and master bath. Over the past year or two the hubby and I had been tossing around the idea of either buying a house or redoing the condo. We eventually decided on renovating because we didn’t want a larger mortgage - which would have been required to purchase what we wanted (not sure if you are familiar with housing prices in SoCal, but they are stupid). The project has definitely taken longer than we would have liked, but we have really only been able to work one day a week (our HOA only allows work Monday thru Saturday, 8am-6pm and obviously the hubby is at his “real job” during the week so it leaves us doing everything on Saturdays). The good news is we are ALMOST DONE! We just have a few last little detail projects to finish up and then we will finally be able to sit back and enjoy it (I'll also share a blog post or two with some before and after shots in case folks are interested).


Do you make a living running?

Ha, I wish! Wouldn’t that be awesome?! (If you know someone willing to write me a check, hook a sister up!) Technically I'm a stay-at-home wife and dog mom with a part time job helping a running brand with their social media. I'm extremely lucky to have a hubby whose job affords me the ability to blog and run for fun (in case you were curious, he's a designer at adidas Golf). At times I do have partnerships or campaigns that I get paid for, but for the most part everything I do on my blog is just because I enjoy it... and hope you do too... (FYI: I often receive complementary race entries in exchange for pre- or post-race social media shares or free product in exchange for a blog review, but I would say 99% of the time there is no money being exchanged... and obviously new shoes or a half marathon registration doesn't pay the bills.)


And, there you have it, a handful of your questions with my honest to goodness answers. Hopefully you found some of the information interesting. I think this might be a fun series to continue, so as long as people keep supplying the questions, I’ll keep supplying the answers. Leave a question in the comments or reach out any of the social media platforms you follow me on (I should be @CarleeMcDot on all of them) and let me know what you've been dying to know about me.

What answer did you find the most interesting?

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