Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday Favorites

Wowser, this whole home redo has really sucked the life out of this little ol' blog, hasn't it?! But I guess that's what happens when you're living in a constant state of dust and projects. I'd love to say we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but that may just be another dumpster fire off in the distance that we'll have to put out... Anyway, a few things popped up this week that I'm extra stoked about so I thought I'd share them (if any of you are still out there...).

Keep Nature Wild Stickers

Keep Nature Wild just released a new line, the Happy Camper Collection. I am loving the new tee designs (although I can't justify buying more clothes), but the stickers are my fave! I think I might need to get a new water bottle just so I have somewhere to put them (or we need our new AdventureMobile like yesterday so we can start accumulating more vinyl!).

Far Left: Roamin' Sticker Pack / Mid-Left: Happy Camper Sticker Pack /
Mid-Right: Follow The Signs Sticker Pack / Far Right: Vintage Camper Sticker Pack

True Detective

I know, I know, we are late to the game on the third season, but we don't have HBO so didn't have a way to watch it. And, after the second season being not as amazing as the first we weren't rushing to track down a way to see it. Well, this past week we were dog-sitting for some of our friends and they happened to have HBO so we "binged" the third season (we watched two episodes a day for four days). The hubby and I both really liked it - and I thought the way they seamlessly transitioned between three different time periods was a pretty cool idea. Definitely not as creepy or as intense as the first season (and potentially not as gripping either), but we were hooked through all eight episodes.


rabbit's Catch Me If You Can Splatter Shorts

The Catch Me If You Can line of shorts from rabbit might be my favorite shorts to run in and I am loving the new splatter color options. I know their gear is on the pricey side (which is why I normally only buy it when it's on sale), but if you're interested in giving any of it a try you can use THIS LINK to save 10% on your order over $10.

Left: Pink Yarrow Splatter / Center: Black Splatter / Left: Greenlake Splatter

Momentum Jewelry's Dog Days of Summer Sale

You know I love me some Momentum Jewelry (I mean, there isn't a race that goes by where I'm not wearing a motivate wrap or two), so now is the time to stock up! As a way to celebrate the final days of summer (can you believe fall is right around the corner?!), Momentum is discounting select items. Whether you grab one (or seven) for yourself, for your BRF, for your kids' teachers, for your running group, etc, it's a great time to snag a good deal! Shoot, I'd even suggest grabbing some as stocking stuffers for the holidays (I promise, even though we don't believe it, they'll be here before we know it!)!


What are you loving lately?

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Organic Runner Mom said...

Love those stickers. I am a sticker girl! Those Rabbit shorts are super cute too! I am currently loving the new Skirt Sports prints.