Tuesday, July 16, 2019

My Fall Plans - UPDATED

A few weeks ago I shared that I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do this fall when it came to my running/ racing. It was an honest-to-goodness toss up between chasing PRs (personal records) or tackling the trails (and potentially adding in some crazy distance like a 100K). After much deliberation, I have finally made my decision...


This fall I'll attempt to run a new full and half marathon PR. 

The decision did not come as easily as one would have thought. There were pros and cons to both sides (okay, let's be real, I don't believe there are many negatives when it comes to running, but both sides definitely had plenty of positives and it was a struggle to choose which set of favorable factors I was loving more). I guess you could say the hubby pushed me over the line to my decision... As he so eloquently stated, "PRs are going to get harder to come by now that you're getting older." Well, thank you very much... I mean, I sure hope my "glory days" aren't all behind me, but I do understand where he is coming from... The trails and longer distances will 'always' be there, but as we age we will eventually start a decline in our speed, so I've got to take advantage of my fitness while it's still here ;) #HopefullyNotPastMyPrime


And, because I am a results oriented person and like to have things planned out, I figured I would share what I currently have in place to help me reach my goals. Not only does sharing my plans help hold me accountable (if I write it down, I've gotta do it), but it also allows you all to come along on the journey with me! And what a journey I am sure it will be...


Fall Marathon Goal Race

If you have been around my corner of the InterWebs for a while, you may remember that I ran the Ventura Marathon last October. It is actually the race of my current PR. Well, I had some tummy troubles on the course (feel free to read the recap if you want a refresher, but suffice it to say I had to poop in a bush...) but gave it everything I had with the body that showed up on that particular day. Although the course holds my fastest marathon time thus far, I think that without stomach issues I could have gone even faster - so why not return this fall for a redemption race?! Yep, the game plan is to run the 2019 Ventura Marathon for my fall goal race. The race will be on October 20th, which may seem like a ways away, but I know it'll be here in the blink of an eye. {PS If you are interested in joining me (the hubby is planning to return again this year and will run the half), feel free to use the code "Carlee10" to save 10% off any of the distances offered [the Downtown Mile, Kids' Mile or 5K held on Saturday and/or the Half Marathon and Full Marathon on Sunday].}

Fall Half Marathon Goal Race

Okay, so let me start by saying my main priority is the marathon, but I figured, if I was going to be in "fast" shape for the full, why not attempt to take on a half?! In the past year or two I have been focusing my effort and training on longer distances and the half marathon has become more of a "fun run". Well, this year I thought it'd be awesome if I could clock a quick race and maybe secure an entry into the 2020 New York City Marathon with a qualifying time (I've entered the lottery for the NYC Marathon twice and haven't gotten in, but if I can run a sub 1:34 half I'd be potentially eligible for a guaranteed spot and wouldn't have to try my luck in the lottery). With that said, I've heard some AWESOME things about the REVEL Big Bear race and have registered! I haven't run this race in the past, but did run the full when it was still in Canyon City in one of my first BQ attempts back in 2015. Downhill running is tough, which is why I decided against it for my full goal race, but think that with adequate training I could tackle the challenge. {SPOILER ALERT: I will be hosting a giveaway for a FREE entry if you want to join the fun! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled!}


And, for me, adequate training meant calling in the big guns and using a coach this go-around. (In my head I'm thinking this will be one of my last attempts at a PR, after this I'll probably be put out to pasture and stick with the trails ;)) Ventura will be my twenty-fourth marathon (if you consider the San Francisco Ultra I'll be running at the end of July two, seeing as we'll be running it from finish to start and then again from start to finish). For the majority of those races I have been "self-coached", meaning I've found a training plan online and adjusted it slightly to fit with the races I have on the calendar and the goals I'm chasing. I did use a coach when I was training for the 2017 Chicago Marathon and had an awesome experience. This time I'll be working with my friend, and now coach, Kristen. Now, to be honest, I'm a pretty self-motivated lady, so I wasn't looking for constant encouragement throughout the training cycle, but more someone who would put together a plan and tell me when, what pace and how I should be running. With that said, I have signed up for her Custom Training Plan (although she does also offer 1:1 Personalized Coaching). We officially kicked off at the beginning of July and I'm stoked (and slightly nervous) to see how she will help push my running journey. I have known Kristen for the past few years as a runner and teammate on our #Ragnar4Rett Ultra Team, but am pumped to work with her as her client.


Because if this is going to be my last shot at a PR (okay, okay, that might sound a little dramatic, but in all honesty, if I am reaching my prime the only direction to go after is down, so I want to give myself the best shot to go out on top as I can ;)), then you better believe I am going all in. A friend of mine, Jonathan, works at Inside Tracker and I have other friends (runners and endurance athletes) who have used the service so I set up a call to chat with Jonathan about everything a few weeks back. If you haven't heard about Inside Tracker, let me explain (in my non-scientific terminology). It's essentially personalized nutrition through blood analysis. They look at who you are, how you are training, what your goals are, how you eat (including any dietary restrictions), what supplements you take, etc and use all of the information (along with a comprehensive panel of your nutrient and hormone levels) to make suggestions on how best to improve (not only how it pertains to your running but in regards to your health in general). They don’t just tell you what to eat, they tell you why (and help you adjust over time). They were awesome enough to waive the cost of the plan for me {I went with the Ultimate Plan}, and currently I'm awaiting the findings from my bloodwork. I will absolutely be sharing more about the results they've found, the recommendations they have offered and the changes I notice throughout my training!

What is the next goal you are working towards?

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Shannon said...

You are amazing, I don't know how you do it. I'm cheering you on! :)
For me, I think my marathon days are behind me, so I'm focusing on half marathon distance and 10ks.