Monday, July 23, 2018

REVIEW: Quest Thin Crust Pizza

I was STOKED when the doorbell rang last week and I noticed a package on the doorstep from Quest Nutrition. You see, if I was stuck on a deserted island and forced to eat only two things for the rest of my life, I'm pretty sure I could survive (happily) on chips & salsa and pizza. And the package that came from Quest included one of those things.... PIZZA

Okay, okay, so it didn't include the actual pizza, but it did include a coupon for a free thin crust pizza that they had just released so I could give it a try. That evening the hubby and I made our way over to Target so we could grab the pie.

Another MAJOR feat was walking out of the store with ONLY the pizza... SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!

A couple quick things to note before actually digging into the pizza. First, Quest currently offers three flavors - Supreme, Uncured Pepperoni and 4-Cheese. Our local Target only had the 4-Cheese option (which was fine for us since we're vegetarians, but in case you want to try a different flavor you may call your Target first to check on the in-stock {or else you may walk out with $100 worth of goodies you didn't originally plan to buy and without the pizza} or order online {for a limited time they are offering free shipping on the pizza orders}). Second, the pizza was noticeably smaller than the other frozen pizzas. Now, to be fair, this pizza only contains two servings, while some of the others contain four to six, so I understand the smaller size, but it was a similar price to the other pizzas that were larger {they were on sale for $6.99 per pizza}. Not a deal breaker (especially if they health benefits outweigh the cost), but something worth mentioning.


Okay, now it's time for the main event - PIZZA TIME! Let me preface this by saying I ran a 15-miler in the heat and humidity prior to chowing down, so the following scenario may not be suggested for every day consumption, but #rungry ;)

You could say my run was a little sweaty...

Making the pizza was easy peazy. I let the oven pre-heated (to 400*) while I was taking a shower, then pulled the pizza out of the freezer, sprayed a little cooking spray on the cookie sheet, and plopped the pizza in the oven for 18 minutes.

A little before, during and after action for ya ;)

Like I mentioned earlier, the pizza itself is two servings... but I was hungry after my run so I ate it all... myself... in one sitting... But thankfully it was only 660 calories total so it wasn't crazy. Four different kinds of cheese combine with their special crust to provide a high protein, low carb pizza that’s perfect for anytime cravings. Each pizza is 9 inches.

I sprinkled some Nutritional Yeast on it once it cooled and was ready to eat. Walt was interested to hear
my thoughts on the new pizza too... He offered to do a little taste test for the people but I told him no.

I'll be honest, it wasn't my favorite... but then again, when I am eating pizza, I want to feel like I am really eating pizza - so thin crust has never really been my forte. Also, we aren't big frozen pizza eaters. The hubby loves making his own dough and swears by simple ingredients. With that said, the pizza wasn't terrible (although the sodium levels were OUT OF CONTROL {FYI: the hubby has high blood pressure so this is something we have to constantly watch and when one serving contains almost half your daily allotment of sodium you know it isn't an option to have in the house}), especially if frozen pizza is normally a meal you enjoy (or at least rely on for convenience sake). It sort of reminded me of the Lean Cuisine cheese pizzas I used to stock in my freezer after college. The nutritional value of each serving contains 27 grams of protein, 6 grams of net carbs, 3 grams of sugar and 18 grams of fiber. #RealTalk - I'd probably skip it in the future, but if you were in a jam and needed a frozen pizza option with extra protein, this isn't a bad alternative to what's on the market.


What is your favorite pizza style?

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dd said...

Yep, wish they would cut down on the sodium content of most of these foods but do like the other nutritional pluses with this pizza. Funny, the Target I visited yesterday had all the refrigerators taped off and under repair. I made it out with just a box of baking soda, which is really the only thing I needed. Thanks for the review! ~Deb