Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's been a couple weeks since my last Friday Favorites post, but that's what happens when the last day (or two) of the month falls on a Friday (getting my movie and book recaps up on the last days of the month is a higher priority). Anywho, without further ado, let me share some of the things that have caught my fancy lately in case you are looking to buy me a gift anytime soon (okay, okay, that probably won't happen, but maybe you would like some of these goodies for yourself!).

New Brooks Hats

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, when I was in Seattle with the other Run Happy Ambassadors, we were treated to a little preview of the upcoming Brooks Fall line. Although there were some awesome apparel pieces, I think my favorite items were actually the accessories... specifically the HATS! I am loving the new trucker hats and pom beanies - I think I need them ALL! And, guess what?! They went live on the website as of July 1st, so you can order yours today!

Booster Pom Beanies and Discovery Trucker Hats!

#SuckOnThis Campaign

I shared a couple weeks ago about how I was ditching plastic straws. Hopefully you read that post and have even given up the single-use plastic straws yourself. Anyway, I received an email from Keep It Wild (the brand I was a "Wild Keeper" for last semester) about their new campaign - #SuckOnThis! For every order placed in July (while supplies last, of course), they will include a reusable silicone straw. They're hopeful that providing an alternative to the single-use plastic straws will help folks make a positive impact in their daily lives and in the environment. #SmallChangesBigImpact

Parks Project Summer Camp Out Collection

I feel like I am sharing new gear from Parks Project all the time, but they keep releasing new, amazing stuff! Their Summer Camp Out Collection has some pretty amazing pieces in it (my faves being the Leave It Better Limited Edition Enamel Mug, the National Parks Repeater Tee, the Road Trippin' Sticker Pack and the National Parks Hotline Tee). Now if only I could win the lottery (or find a sugar daddy) so I could buy one of everything to fill my closet ;) #DearSanta

Corny Jokes

I'm all about corny jokes (some may call them lame, but I normally consider them hilarious). In fact, telling silly jokes is a great way to pass the time during races... just ask some of my running buddies ;) And puns are also my jam! So make sure to leave your best joke in the comments so I have some more material to share during the San Francisco Marathon!


What are you loving lately?

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Breathe Deeply and Smile said...

I love all the Parks stuff! I'm on their email list and am always tempted by the gear they have. Also yay for reusable straws-I'm trying to be better this summer at not requesting straws or using a reusuable one. Cheers and happy Friday!