Monday, August 7, 2017


The first thing I do when a company contacts me about trying out their product is to head to their website and check out their "About" section. Sure, I want to know that I will like their product, but I also want to like THEM!


When the ladies at GRACEDBYGRIT first reached out, I did my normal thang and headed to their site. As soon as I started reading through their story I knew this was a brand I needed to learn more about.


You see, we've lived in Southern California (San Diego or North San Diego County) since graduating from UofM in '06.

Chelsea King was a 17-year-old Poway High School student who will always be remembered for her compassionate heart and positive spirit. On a sunny Thursday afternoon, February 25, 2010, Chelsea disappeared after setting out for a trail run in a San Diego community park. Law enforcement and thousands of volunteers searched for days, until they finally found her body in a shallow grave just off the trail she was running on, by Lake Hodges. Chelsea was the victim of a horrific crime committed by a convicted sex offender who later confessed and plead guilty to taking Chelsea’s life.


Although I wasn't a runner at the time heinous act occurred time (I didn't start running until 2012), it hit me at my core.

The founders of GRACEDBYGRIT, Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan, met while training for a triathlon in honor of Chelsea. Chelsea was running alone with no phone, no whistle, nothing to draw attention to herself. These ladies wanted clothes designed for women like them, 30-60 years old, that prioritized SAFETY, elegance and performance.

Inspired by Chelsea's mom describing the fate of her daughter, they created a detachable safety whistle to accompany every piece of GRACEDBYGRIT apparel, so all women feel an added sense of security while exercising. The GRACEDBYGRIT whistle has a flat, discreet design that can be securely looped inside the back pocket of any of their pants, in the pocket on their jacket sleeves, or around the back of the neck in their tanks with a reflective elastic lanyard.


At the end of 2016, they designed the Chelsea Legging in honor of Chelsea. The print is inspired by the sunflower, Chelsea’s favorite flower and the symbol of Chelsea’s Light Foundation (an organization started by Chelsea's parents). In June of 2017, they launched the Chelsea Capri. They donate $10 from every Chelsea Collection purchase to Chelsea’s Light Foundation to protect children around the country from known violent predators.


Once I learned this, I knew I wanted to give their clothes a whirl! The ladies offered to outfit me head to toe! They sent me a Delicious Tank, Reel 'Em In Capris, and Delicious Half Zip Jacket. (Originally I was picking colors that I liked but didn't necessarily have a ton of in my closet. I guess when you put them together they sort of look Donald Duck-ish.)

Of course I had to do a #FlatCarlee with my gear! 

I was stoked to throw on the gear and head out the door. Although Mother Nature hasn't allowed for much use of the jacket or capris (we can't seem to shake the sticky, humid weather), I love the look of it all - together and as separates.

I actually think the yellow tank might be the one I rock for the Chicago Marathon (depending on the weather of course).

I've worn it on a 16-miler and a recover run and the fabric is super soft.

And can we just discuss the jacket for a second. You all know I am a sucker for thumb-holes, but this takes it a step further... The fabric can be folded over your hand to make a mitten - HECK TO THE YES! That is AMAZING!

The hubby thought it looked like I was missing my hand... so although it may not photograph well, the feature is AMAZING!

Don't even get me started on these capris! I mean, did you see the color?! L-O-V-E, LOVE! (Originally when I was sending over ideas of some of the items I liked I thought the outfit would be maize and blue for my beloved Wolverines, but this blue is bright and bangarang and right up my alley!) Note: I'm 5'4" so the capris look slightly longer on me.

I absolutely love that every item comes with a whistle. I know we never want to think something unfortunate will happen to us (and I pray that it never does), but it's always best to be prepared! And the added security tends to help my mom and the hubby rest a little easier while I'm out pounding the pavement alone. #CanNeverBeTooCautious

If you're ever in the Solana Beach area, they have a boutique on the 101. They also offer a "No Sweat Guarantee" for folks shopping from their site. If you don't love your gear, you can return or exchange it within 30 days. Easy peasy!

Do you carry anything with you on runs for protection?


Chelsea @ Chelsea Be Healthy said...

I absolutely love those capris and the top! Anything with thumb holes for running sells me every time! ;) I actually do run with a small taser because I run by the Arkansas river a lot because it's right by me. There's a long river trail that is the best place to get long runs in and it's so peaceful. But, I know I can't ever be too cautious so I carry my taser with me in my SpiBelt just in case! I of course hope to NEVER use it but better safe than sorry!! A whistle would be super handy too though!!

Happy Monday Carlee!!

Samantha said...

WOW I LOVE this company and what they stand for. Not only that but their designs look so comfortable. The detachable whistle is smart and appreciate this review!


Thank you for the review! We are so happy to have you on our team. It's our mission to empower and keep women safe. Thank you for helping us spread the word and grow our brand. XO