Friday, December 16, 2016

REVIEW: Wanderer Bracelets

I know, I know, I swear I am always talking about #ArmCandy and #WristParties, but it's because there are so many amazing bracelet companies out there in the world! Another one that sought me out was Wanderer Bracelets.


As always, the hardest part of my "job" is picking out the bracelets that I want to review. It legit took me about 30 minutes to try and narrow down my top three picks - there are just so many cute bracelets to choose from.

Just a few of the many options that they offer

And now you can see why it took me so long to decide... This isn't even all of them!

I finally decided on my top three. The pineapple (I mean, if I'm 'crazy' enough to get a pineapple tattooed on one of my calves you better believe it's going to make it into the top three bracelets), the three arrows (not only did I love the multi-colored cord the arrows were on, I really liked the simplicity of the charms) and the custom coordinates (I used the latitude and longitude of where the hubby and I got married over 8 years ago {a collective 'aw' rang over the crowd}).

Along with the three amazing bracelets, I also got some sweet stickers, a key chain and a few temporary tattoos!

Quick note: When the hubby and I got married, instead of flowers, we had an artist make us button bouquets (and boutonnieres) so they'd
last forever. The coordinate bracelet is on my wedding bouquet. They match perfectly; it's like they were made for each other (and for me!).

Not only are the bracelets super cute, they are hand crafted in Bali (in case you didn't know, that is where the hubby and I went for our honeymoon - so many awesome connections with this amazing company, right?!). Each bracelet supports sustainable work for local village artisans. The designs are hand-carved using traditional techniques out of discarded all-natural water buffalo bone. Also, the bands are weaved together from durable, comfortable nylon thread.

Sometimes a product is so much more than meets the eye. When you wear one of these bracelets, you support the artisan who made it. Your purchase creates reliable work opportunities for artisans in Bali; and that changes everything.


These bracelets may just be a cute piece of jewelry to some, but they mean the world to others. Each purchase helps to sustain opportunity in multiple rural Bali villages by allowing the artists to earn a steady income, which gives families the power to save money for the future. The jewelry sparks creativity and allows the preservation of artistic traditions that have been passed down for generations. Keeping jobs local helps to strength community because when parents have reliable work, families can stay together and are no longer forced to leave their villages to find jobs.


If you are interested in picking up one (or seven ;)) of these bracelets, use "carleemcdot15" to save 15% on your order!

What's your favorite bracelet that you own?


Chelsea B. said...

Great review! I love your honesty in them all!

Unknown said...

I love how this company found you! It was seriously meant to be with so many connections :)

dd said...

I don't really have one fave bracelet. One of my tennis bracelets I'm especially fond of because it was a gift, but I love most every one of them. I like the sea shell bracelets here.

Unknown said...

That sounds like an amazing cause and love the designs!

Helen xx

Lauren Ashley said...

I don't know how you narrowed them down...theyre all so cute! I have to say, I love the pineapple as well. I also love how they support the local artisans! Great post babe! xo, LA

Sarah // The Blonde Giraffe said...

These are such cute bracelets!! I have been on the hunt for some I can stack and I love that these support local artists!!!


ellie said...

Such beautiful and unique bracelets, I love the starfish! I love that these are handmade by local creators and support those artists and the communities.


SveetesKapes said...

That's such a great cause behind these bracelets! All of these bracelets are so cute and would totally love to buy some for myself!
xx, Kusum |

Unknown said...

Wow these bracelets are amazing, they are for such a good cause! And I love the pineapple one for you!!;) - Mitra xo

Chelsea Marrs said...

Love these, especially the ones with the navigation coordinates! They're gorgeous bracelets, thanks for sharing!

Chow Down USA

Unknown said...

I love anything with a pineapple on it!! Love how you've got it tattooed!

Helen xx

Unknown said...

This place is a joke. I never got my bracelet I ordered my gf. They kept giving me the run around via email. I wouldn't suggest ordering from them. They kept making excuses as to why it never got to me. You can never get a hold of anyone via phone. Waste of time and money

Anthony Miceli said...

Placed order over two weeks ago. Never received. Called everyday for seven days no one is ever in the office. They never call back or email with any updates. As far as i concerned they are bullshit company. Dont waste your time unless you want stress in your life.

Unknown said...

I didn’t get my order either! We need to band together! They have a lot of money that doesn’t belong to them!

Unknown said...

I didn’t get mine either. We need to band together! They have a lot of money that doesn’t belong to them!

Unknown said...

Did you actually get your order?

Unknown said...

Then they should deliver what people pay for!

Unknown said...

Are there people who actually got their bracelets ?! I'm waiting for mine I bought it last week but something doesn't seem right and id hate spending money for a birthday gift that's not gonna arrive please if someone got it let me know !

Anonymous said...

I got my bracelets delivered to Germany. It took some time but they arrived.

Unknown said...

I ordered one this week. The tracking info came through the same day (suspicious as I ordered a custom co-ordinates bracelet) but it says my bracelet has been delivered to Germany. I live in England. Something isn't right there.