Sunday, December 27, 2015

Workout Recap - Week 52

Sunday, December 20th – 5 mile run

Monday, December 21st – Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs) & 5 mile run

Tuesday, December 22nd –  5 mile run with the hubby

Wednesday, December 23rd – 18 mile run

Thursday, December 24th –  8 mile run with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Friday, December 25th –  Rest Day

Saturday, December 26th – Ice Skating

This week was a bit different than normal, but I was still able to get in all of my workouts (although when we got back into town today I looked at my calendar and it looks like my Tuesday run was supposed to be 8 miles instead of 5, oops, but you do WYCWYC {what you can, when you can}).

This week's cross training workout was an hour and a half of ICE SKATING (instead of my normal bike ride) and my long run was a few ays early and ended up being 21 laps around my parents neighborhood, but I got it done and THAT is what matters!

I do know that my legs are SCREAMING for my foam roller, so I am so excited to be back and get on that thing! #RollinWithMyFoamies #ThisIsHowIRoll

How were your workouts this past week? 

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Wendy Rivard said...

Looks like an amazing week and it's great that you got all your workouts in, even with the holidays! How fun that you got to ice skate!