Sunday, December 13, 2015

Workout Recap - Week 50

Sunday, December 6th – 5 mile run with the hubby, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, December 7th – Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Tuesday, December 8th –  3 mile run with the hubby, 5 mile pace run on the treadmill, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Wednesday, December 9th – 16.5 mile bike ride, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Thursday, December 10th –  3 mile run with the hubby, 5 mile progression run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, December 11th –  13 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday, December 12th San Diego Santa Run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday was technically considered a Rest Day (I mean, "running" a single mile, especially with a wiener dog in-toe, can't really be considered a workout, can it?!). Even still I was able to get in 35 miles of running, which isn't too shabby if you ask me! 

At the end of next week we will be heading to Michigan for the Christmas holiday so the scenery will change for some of my runs, but it looks like the temps will be mild for the usual frozen tundra. I will try to get one of my long runs in before we leave, but otherwise everything else should be on my normal schedule. 

How were your workouts this past week? 

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