Friday, May 13, 2011

Zetterberg & Leto

So I have been telling Ryan for the last year or two that every time I see Henrik Zetterberg I think of Jerod Leto. I did a Google image search yesterday to see if I was just crazy - and all I typed in was Zetterberg and went to the Google Images and LOOK what was the first image that came up:

Left wing Henrik Zetterberg led the Red Wings in goals (43) this season and has scored 12 goals and 8 assists for Detroit in 24 playoff appearances over the past two postseasons.

Jared Leto is an actor/musician best known for roles in films like Requiem for a Dream, Alexander and Lord of War in recent years, although some might remember him best as Jordan Catalano from the show "My So Called Life."

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Anonymous said...

zetterberg is a way smarter! best player on earth