Sunday, May 22, 2011

Porch Progress

This weekend we may some real progress on our porch, but I don't have many pictures to show for it... oops! The screen that madre had ordered was delivered last week. It had been rainy and gray (not to mention Ryan had some work dinners at the beginning of the week) so we didn't get around to putting them on the porch until yesterday. When we put them out there, I decided that they seemed to small for the space. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE THE SCREEN, I LOVE THE IDEA OF THE SCREEN, I just wasn't sure if it filled the space like I was hoping it would. I had posted a picture on Facebook about people's thoughts on it - and I got some great responses. What we ended up doing was building a frame around the screen, (our of 1x4's) so that way it filled out the space a little more. Right now the wood is drying in the garage (we painted it black so that it looks like it goes with the screen itself. We are hoping that the paint dries tonight (it was oil based because it is for outdoor and has a longer dry time) and we can actually 'create' the frame tomorrow night. We might not get it up and set on the porch until Wednesday or so, but we hope we will get it done in the next few days. We also bought a couple paper lanterns (battery powered) to hang out there. We put the hooks up and tried them out. I really like them (but of course, no pictures - sorry). Obviously there is enough light out there already because of the lights on the building or on the sidewalk, but the aqua lanterns give it a cool look. I think we really like the direction that everything is heading and are excited to get it done before the weather gets nice (that way we can use it all summer long). I will TRY to take more pictures (it may be difficult because during the week we don't start on it until it is dark, so it is hard to take good pics), so be on the look out :)

A picture from the living room of Ryan on the futon (while I was trying to decide my feelings about the screen):

An idea of the screen compared to the space (I am at the other end of the porch taking the picture):

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