Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My mom is actually out visiting right now (she flew in on Thursday and heads out tonight), so we actually got to spend Mother's Day celebrating with her. We started out the day by watching Fargo, then went to Joann Fabrics (we are going to make our own pillows for our porch/ balcony), then hit up a few stores to look for porch things (Tuesday Mornings, Marshalls, etc), then made our way to the mall (so that mom could look for some birthday gifts at Vans), then we went to Jolly Rogers in the Oceanside Harbor for linner (lunch/ dinner), after that we watched the RED WINGS WIN, and then we ended the day with some frozen yogurt from Menchie's.

A picture of madre and I outside the restaurant after dunch (dinner/ lunch):

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