Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rodman's # Retired

Okay, so the Padot household is BIG into sports - mostly Detroit based teams. Growing up we would always have the games on the TV. Well, when I was younger (I don't remember if it was the '89 or the '90 Championship, but the story is the same no matter which year it was) the Detroit Pistons won the NBA Championship. I think we were at my mom's parents house watching some of the celebration and I am crying. Someone asks me why I am crying and I of course tell them because the players are sad :) The sports blood runs deep I tell ya :) Anyway, Rodman was on that team and although he is probably 'best' known for being crazy, I will always keep a special spot in my heart for him and his tears :)

Dennis Rodman breaks down at emotional news conference

Emotions got the better of Dennis Rodman just minutes into a news conference he presided over in Auburn Hills, Mich., on Friday. Rodman is in town to have his No. 10 retired by the Detroit Pistons. He was remarkably composed throughout the better part of the question-and-answer session with media, but broke down while assessing his time spent as a part of Detroit's two championships in 1989 and 1990, telling the media that he felt as if he "doesn't deserve to have [the number] retired," because there "was so much else I should have done" in Detroit.

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