Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Boobies' in School

Federal Court Says “Boobies” Is OK in Schools and orders school to lift ban of “I Love Boobies!” Bracelets in schools!

A Federal Court in Pennsylvania ruled today that school-imposed bans of the Keep A Breast Foundation’s “I Love Boobies” bracelets are unconstitutional and violate students’ First Amendment rights. Two middle school students, with ties to breast cancer victims and survivors, were plaintiffs in the free expression case after being banned by the Easton Area School District from wearing the bracelets.

In the official ruling, Judge Mary McLaughlin stated, “The bracelets are intended to be and they can reasonably be viewed as speech designed to raise awareness of breast cancer and to reduce stigma associated with openly discussing breast health. The words [I heart boobies] were chosen to enhance the effectiveness of the communication to the target audience.” For all of these reasons, the Court concluded, “It would have been unreasonable for these school officials to conclude that these breast cancer awareness bracelets are lewd or vulgar under the Fraser standard.”

“Today we made history,” said Shaney Jo Darden, founder of the ten-year old nonprofit Keep A Breast Foundation. “We are educating a demographic that other organizations have not been able to reach, and speaking to them about cancer and health in a way that is authentic and inspiring. We are thrilled about the court’s decision, and hope it continues to sparked thought-provoking conversations about breast health in schools and throughout the country.”

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