Friday, April 15, 2011

Guinea Pig Update

I am not sure how many people that read my blog notice what I post on Facebook, but I thought I would still post an update here even though most of the comments have been on Facebook.

Last Thursday I was walking to the house from the garage after work (our garages are not connected to the condos) and I saw a orange and white guinea pig scurry under the fence of the unit on the back of the building. I was meaning to tell Ryan about it, but then we had something come up and it slipped my mind... Until Friday when I went to get the mail and noticed this sign on the mailboxes:

As someone pointed out, this was just a 'sighting' poster, not like a 'lost' or 'found' poster. Hopefully the sign let the person know who lost the guinea pig where it was last seen. Well, after I saw the poster, I decided it would be my mission to try and find this little guy. Not that I wanted him for my own, but I didn't want him out in the scary world to be eaten by a turkey (what Ryan and I call the black crows that fly around here), a dog, or even a coyote. I decided to do a little research and found this website: How to Catch an Escaped Guinea Pig. I used a few of the tips, put out some food for him, and kept going to look for him. Oh yeah, the food I had for him was fried rice (probably not his favorite, huh?).

Well, it has been over a week and I have not seen him again. The sighting sign is off of the mailboxes too. I am hoping that Garfield (what I named him because of his colors and his large size) made it home safely and is now chillin' in his safe space.

PS Ryan knows me too well. He asked me what I would have done if I would have seen him. I told him I would have put a bowl over him and yelled for him :) He knows that I wouldn't actually want to pick it up, but hey, it is my kind heart that counts, right :)

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