Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michaelle House

Every semester, growth groups are recommended to take on a service project. Our group decided that we wanted to provide a meal for someone rather than doing something like a basket, because we would be able to interact with those we are helping. We found a great organization that we can help, and they actually needed help on a Thursday night (which works well because that is when we normally meet, so we should all be free to do it, huh, hehe).

Tomorrow we will be going to the Michaelle House to have dinner and hang out with the folks there. Michaelle House is operated by Fraternity House Inc. The mission of Fraternity House Inc. is to provide a warm and caring home where men and women disabled by HIV/AIDS can receive comprehensive care and services in order to rebuild their health and return to independent living, or where they can spend their last days in comfort and dignity.

We are going to do tacos, chips and salsa, dessert, etc. After dinner we are bringing board games so that we can hang out with the residents. Ryan and I are going to bring our Apples To Apples game and maybe a few others we have in the closet. It will be a busy day tomorrow, but this is one part that I am really looking forward to :)

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a guys rock...have fun :)