Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Temps

East Coast seeks respite as temps soar

Forecasters say the day after one of the hottest in decades in the Eastern U.S. won't be any more comfortable.

More of the same is forecast today with temperatures in the 90s to 100 degrees or more.

The temperature broke records yesterday in New York, where it hit 103, and in Philadelphia, where it reached 102.

It was also over 100 in cities from Richmond, Va., to Boston.

While utilities geared up for trouble, the grid held despite a tremendous demand for electricity for air conditioning and the like.

Transportation officials cut the speed of commuter trains in several areas because extreme heat can cause welded rails to bend under pressure.

National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Korty says the hot air is "not really going to budge much for the next day or two." He says a system coming in off the Atlantic Ocean after that could cool things off.

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