Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tricky Retailers

I found this artcile. Check it out if you get a minute. It gives you some of the ways that retailers trick consumers into buying more and buying things that they don't need. It also gives you tips on how to avoid these tricks. Here are just 2, but go to the website to check them all out.

Consumers shopping habits have been put under a microscope and analyzed by the retail industry in order to maximize sales.

My, that’s a big basket you’ve got there
Stores have hundreds of enormous shopping carts parked conveniently at the entrance. Once you have selected something, you’re more likely to “find” additional items - after all, that empty space in the cart is just begging to be filled, you must have something else you can buy, right?
Tip: If you can skip the cart and make do with a basket, you’ll reduce the temptation to over buy. If you can get by without the basket, even better!
Mirror, mirror on the wall…Vanity mirrors slow you down and keep you looking, but there is more than meets the eye. Most people can’t help but check themselves out, and who’s 100% satisfied with what they see? Making you more self-conscious helps you see new items as a solution. You are more likely to buy, when you’ve walked out of the house in something less flattering than what’s on the rack in front of you.
Tip: Wear something that looks good on you while you shop, and avoid mirrors unless you’re already trying something on. Not only will you feel more confident and buy less, you’ll generally get better service too.

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