Thursday, March 20, 2008


Have you ever burnt the roof of your mouth? I burn my tongue all the time (I guess you can say I am impatient when it comes to me and my food :) ), but last night I did another silly thing and burnt the roof of my mouth. I had put a Lean Cuisine Cheese Pizza in the microwave for dinner and in the meantime I was opening up my mail. I guess I didn't realize that I put it in for a little too long and that the pizza would be REAL hot. I cut it in pieces and the first bite... THE CHEESE SCALDED THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH! Ouchy. So of course when I had this fleshy piece hanging down in my mouth I had to pull at it and get rid of it, which further tore the roof of my mouth. I am not left with this puffy ball behind my front teeth and my tongue just refuses to stop playing with. I hope it heals soon, cause man I did a number on it.


Courtnay said...

Give it 4 days. The average cell turnover in the mouth is about 3 days. So in 4 days you will have a brand new cover on the roof of your mouth!

cpm said...

Thanks!! It feels a lot better this morning, so maybe my mouth has super healing strength! :)