Thursday, May 3, 2007


I am extremely sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I regret to inform you all that after months of speculation about the fate of "Gilmore Girls," the CW and Warner Bros. Television announced today that the show will end its seven-season run this month. I am so bummed!! I just saw the article in the LA Times. It is linked here if you are interested (which I'm sure you ALL are :)). THIS STINKS (I was going to use the word 'su**', but I read on Tami's blog she was trying to help her family to refrain from this word and just in case her kids link from her blog to mine I would like to be a good role model)!! Not only is this sad because Gilmore Girls was my favorite show, but also because it is one of the only 'wholesome' shows left. I am sure they will now stick another "reality" show or something with half naked females in it and mothers that want to date their daughters boyfriends. Grrrrrrr. The series finale will air on May 15.

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