Sunday, October 16, 2022

Workout Recap - Week 42

Sunday, October 9th – 10 mile run

Monday, October 10th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Tuesday, October 11th – 12 mile run

Wednesday, October 12th – 5 mile run

Thursday, October 13th –  2.65 mile run

Friday, October 14th  10 mile run

Saturday, October 15th – Rest Day

So technically this was supposed to be a complete cutback week (with my midweek runs being shorter, as well as my weekend long runs being dialed back), but because I have a 50K next weekend {SURPRISE... I WON AN ENTRY TO A LOCAL 50K, SO FIGURED WHY NOT?!} I thought I would dial back the weekend miles but swap this week's shorter midweek runs for next week so my legs are a little fresher for next weekend's race... Obviously I am not "racing" the 50K, but I still would prefer to set myself up for as much "success" as possible ;) Oh yeah, and we were out of town (belatedly celebrating the hubby's birthday) so I shimmied the mileage around a bit so I'd have shorter runs while we were camping. Well, let's just say that being in the thick of my training caught up with me by Thursday. I had run 20 on Saturday, 10 on Sunday, rode my bike for 90 minutes on Monday and then ran another 12 miles on Tuesday and 5 miles on Wednesday (not to mention I had worked Sunday - Wednesday at this point), so come Thursday morning my body was NOT having it. I was overly fatigued. I told myself that I'd run for a mile and if I didn't feel any better at that point I'd walk back to the car, so that's what I did. We were planning on heading to go camping after I got off work on Thursday, but the hubby lost the key to get into the trailer portion of our truck, so we had to wait until Friday morning once a locksmith could come. All that to say I was able to redo my 10 miles on Friday and it went a lot better. Moral of the story - always listen to your body! 

How were your workouts this past week?

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