Sunday, August 21, 2022

Workout Recap - Week 34

Sunday, August 14th – 3 mile run with the hubby

Monday, August 15th – 5 mile run

Tuesday, August 16th – Rest Day

Wednesday, August 17th – 8 mile run

Thursday, August 18th –  Rest Day

Friday, August 19th  4.25 mile run with the hubby

Saturday, August 20th – Rest Day

The hubby, pup and I went camping at June Lake this week (Wednesday evening through Sunday), so I swapped my runs around a bit (my "long run" of 8 mile was technically supposed to be Sunday, but I wasn't sure after a long weekend away and then being in the car for 7+ hours how I'd feel about doing it, so I did it before we left). Technically I "missed" a three mile run and a cross-training day in there, but we did a ton of paddle boarding on the lakes, so I'm going to consider that my cross-training ;) Definitely need to start incorporating speedwork into the routine now that CIM is only 100 days away.

How were your workouts this past week?

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