Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Four

I quickly realized, due to the HEAT, that my run after work today would NOT be a distance run. I was originally thinking about doing 12 miles or so, but when I saw the weather for the end of the week (because the Santa Ana's are blowing) I knew that plan would need to change.

I figured that I would go out and try to do a FAST Four miles instead - thinking that I could handle 30+ minutes in the heat, but probably wouldn't be able to do 2 hours :) This was working out great until my right shin started to tighten up and I had to stop a mile or so in to stretch it out. Once I stopped to stretch I never really got back into the groove.

I was able to finish the run, and still do it in a decent enough time, it just wasn't what I was expecting. I was still able to do a little over 4 miles in about 36 minutes, which averaged out to be about 8:30 pace... Again, better than race pace, but not as fast as I was hoping to go when I was only doing 4 miles [BUT HONESTLY, IT IS CRAZY TO THINK THAT I CAN SAY ""ONLY"" 4 MILES WHEN LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME I STILL HADN'T EVEN RUN MY FIRST 5K OR RACE]

I know, the bas runs make the good ones feel so much better - but I still get bummed when I have a 'bad' run. I would be fine with them all being amazing runs :)

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