Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

This past weekend Ryan and I did a little birthday celebrating :) Yesterday was my birthday and his is on Thursday.

On Friday we went up to see the Tigers play the Angels. Although we lost, we did have a great time. Not to mention, I looked FABULOUS with all my Tigers gear - HAHA!

On Saturday we went up to Julian (on the way we stopped in Ramona at a cafe that Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives had been to). We are hoping to do a Friendsgiving and go camping for Thanksgiving. We went up to check out the campsites and also wanted to go apple picking. We realized as we drove in to the least sketchy orchard that we didn't have cash and didn't really need 15 pounds of apples.

On Sunday Ryan had to work a photo-shoot in the morning, which means I was able to get some house work done uninterrupted. Once he got home we finished watching the Lions game (a little too close for comfort) and then headed out for a little birthday shopping [we had gotten gift cards from the McClurgs for our birthday gifts so went out to collect our booty]. After our shopping spree we went to Noodles & Co for our free birthday dinner (yes, you know me, I like free, so I sign up for just about anything that will give us free food :) ).

Yesterday was my actual birthday, but we were back at work, so not too much celebrating occurred. I did receive MONDO birthday balloons from my co-workers (honestly, they were as big as me AND I rode my bike to work, so I had to have Ryan come pick them up for me :) ). Also, after I got out of the shower from working out, Ryan had already gotten home and set up dinner for us - Rubio's and gummy bears!

Oh yeah, and here is an e-card Ryan sent me. (He may be partially senile already, seeing as he sent it to me twice :) ).

And YES, if you were looking, Friday I was rocking Tigers gear, Saturday it was Michigan attire and Sunday I had on my Lions stuff. Gotta rep the teams, even if we are 2,000 miles away :) And don't worry, since Ryan's birthday is on Thursday, the celebrations are NOT over!!

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