Monday, September 12, 2011

Powerless Against Ryan G

10 Reasons Why Women Are Powerless Against the Effects of Ryan Goslin

With a bevy of movies coming out this fall like “Drive” and “The Ides of March,” Ryan Gosling is Hollywood’s current it-boy. Find out why we can’t get enough of Ryan’s chiseled features, charming personality and sexy bod.
10. He’s In A Band
Fun fact: Ryan has a band called Dead Man’s Bones. He sings AND acts AND looks like a Ken doll? Winning.
9. He Can Rock A Beard
You know you’re hot when girls still want you despite the massive amount of hair on your face. It’s okay Ryan you can look like a lumberjack whenever you want.
8. He’s Not Just A Pretty Face
While we’ll go see any movie Ryan is in just to watch him for two straight hours, he’s a truly talented actor. Between The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love and Blue Valentine it’s obvious Ryan knows what he’s doing. Too bad the Oscars have yet to honor our favorite big screen star.
7. He Can Do The Dirty Dancing Lift
Hello Patrick Swayze reincarnated. Ryan’s ability to lift Emma Stone while listening to “The Time of My Life” with rain pouring had us almost crawling out of our movie seats. The hot factor was just too much to handle between the song, weather and his half naked bod.
6. He’s Canadian
We don’t know what kind of gene pool they have going on in Canada but this great place gave us Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber. Does it get any better?
5. He’s A Peacemaker
When Ryan came across a fight at an intersection in New York, he stepped in to stop the violence and lucky for us, onlookers caught the act of kindness on camera. We officially dub him the Good Samaritan of Hollywood.
4. He Could Make A Paper Bag Look Like Gucci
Whether he’s rocking a tailored suit, a grungy paperboy cap or a t-shirt and jeans, Ryan always looks like a model. But in this case we think less is more. We’ll take our Ryan shirtless any day.
3. He’s A Mama’s Boy
Ryan doesn’t need a skinny bottle blonde on his arm to look good, all he needs is his mom. The actor showed up to the Ides of March premiere in Toronto with Donna Gosling and we fell for him even more.
2. He Was In “The Notebook”
Ryan was the leading man in the holy grail of chick movies, The Notebook. As Noah he climbed a ferris wheel, built a house and wrote letters for 365 days straight just to proclaim his love to Rachel McAdams. We’ll be a bird if you’re a bird Ryan!
1. He Looks Photoshopped When Shirtless
When Ryan took his shirt off in Crazy, Stupid, Love girls around the world swooned. We think there should be a mandatary clause in Mr. Gosling’s contract that requires him to be shirtless in every movie he makes. Just saying.

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