Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dating Anniversary

Wowser. Today Ryan and I will celebrate our EIGHT YEAR dating anniversary. We were dating for almost 5 years (just 2 weeks shy of the mark) when we got married 3 years ago. Can you believe it?! We started dating September 1st, 2003. I thought it would be fun to pull out some of the old pictures (back in those days we had FILM and took ACTUAL pictures) and scan them. I think I scanned all of them that I could find...

Summer of 2003, before we started dating. We lived in Orlando, FL for the summer and worked at Universal Studios while we were at a leadership training with our church. This is where our relationship began. I liked him before this (I still remember walking with my friend Seema on the way to Stats 350 and telling her about this guy I liked and if I only got a chance to hang out with him I think he would like me too).

This picture we were sneakily holding hands:

One of our free days we went to Universal. This is in the Seuss Area:

Ryan's ride.... JAWS:

I remember telling the girls in my small group that summer (after we started hanging out, but before we started officially dating) that I could see myself marrying him :)
Summer of 2004. We had been dating for the year and Ryan's older sister was getting married. We flew from Florida (we were in Orlando again for LT) up to Mackinaw Island, MI for the wedding.

In the airport on a layover back to Orlando:

The next batch are just some pictures of us throughout our college years. I don't know the dates on them, or even the order that they should go in... but I know we were still in college :)

Graduation :)

I moved out to San Diego 4 days after I graduated. Ryan followed about 3 months later :) A few pictures from our early days in CA.

These last two are from a friend's wedding that we went to back in Michigan.

Don't we look so yeary in them all?!

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