Sunday, August 7, 2011


A few weeks ago I was looking for a basket for my bike. All the stores we went to had metal ones that weren't too exciting (not to mention a pretty penny). I figured we would start looking for baskets (wicker) at the thrift stores and somehow attach it. After striking out at a couple of local shops, I decided to look online a bit. I remembered that we had some dividends from REI and looked at their site. There was a basket that looked like it would work, and with the dividends we wouldn't have to pay a penny, so of course I ordered it. Ryan picked it up from REI yesterday when he was in Encinitas for a birthday get-together. It was actually a lot larger than I thought when we opened the box. We looked in Ryan's assortment of spray paints (remember - he is an artist :) ) and found a 'Jade' color that we thought would probably be the closest. We sprayed it this morning before brunch with friends and gave it a second coat after some pool time. It came out PERFECT! I mean it looks like it was MADE for my bike! And I think it might even be sturdy enough for a dog to sit in :)

Now I think I'll add a bell and we will be all set! What do you think?!

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