Monday, August 22, 2011

6'7 (Buckeye Diss)

The lyrics made me chuckle, so I thought I would post them under the video :) [Excuse the language]


Verse 1:
Excuse me Mr. Pryor, I ain't talkin' Richard
Ya 40 time is good, but my quicks are sicker
Wolverine Militia, 16 is the Commissioner
You don't wanna start him up, Denard'll just finish ya
So misunderstood but what's the world without dilithium
2 b*tches at the same time...Posey and Chekwa
I got these girls twisted cuz they open when you twist em
I never met Terrelle but (think) they should trade him to the Pistons.
If Sparty is little brother then the Buckeyes are her sister, Notre Dame is their cousin and I think you get the picture
And you know Justin Boren he weighs more than a glacier,
It's "all in" the family values, I'm of no relation
No matter who is buying the rings in Buckeye Nation with the Grey and Scarlett diamonds bought a 5 game suspension, we got that old money what? Buckeyes are just funny nuts, every time they go to bowls OSU is just runner ups
I don't feel like I've done enough, the Free Press has been under cut but I keep with the flow like Im underfed, hungry for some wonderbread? I'm hungry to put the last seven years to rest ..under bed
(6'7'8' bunch)

Verse 2:
Ok I lost my mind, Lebron is somewhere in Miami,
think I'm gonna get tatted up what you don't understand me,
TP got a new whip and that ish ain't a Camry
but hoes gon b hoes now tackle Boom Herron
Just talked to the sweatervest, told him he better get the players english tudors, Maurice practice on your predicates
Swear man I be seein' through these boosters and these regents, Bucknuts think they He-Men, Pow pow the end
Call it self-defense and yeah we need some defense,
6 true freshmen playing in the backfield in some sequins

Verse 3:
We need to get our weight up, we need to get the haters off our back and fade, after I leave Columbus I go get some vaccinations
World's biggest toilet bowl, evacuation
Feel like I'm engaged in character assassination
But everybody steals and kills...and worships Satan
TP is convenient right inside Ohio Stadium where they lead in all types of minor violations.
Call me crazy, call me abrasive
Don't call me sick, I'm contagious
Like a Kanye joint, we're aMAIZEn
More than bold, we're brazen
More than hot, we're blazin'
More than 110,000 fans in the stadium
(6'7'8' bunch)

Verse 4:
Worst journalism in the nation but we're caging them
Detroit to Ann Arbor, plagiarism
Grab Drew Sharp by the face and i'm erasin' him
beat him like it's practice time...investigation
They need to put Drew and Mark Snyder on probation
stick them in a jail cell and film the copulation,but they need a smaller lens or magnification

Back to the buckeyes
All you do is point fingers and call names, named our coach cHOKE like you do in bowl games
Yeah you beat the Razorbacks and the Duc
ks, won seven straight who gives a shucks, every dog has his day and your time is up
Just win 15 straight then you'll catch up.

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