Friday, January 2, 2009

Lens Life THE BOOK

It is coming soon!! I have been working on getting my Lens Life Project published into a photo book. Ryan is working on the art for the cover and after that there will just be a few more details to work out, but hopefully by the end of the month YOU will be able to buy LENS LIFE - THE BOOK!!

I am going to try to contact people like Oprah and Ellen to see if I can send them a copy and maybe if they like it they can mention it on their show or something (I know, it's a long shot, but I won't know unless I try). Also I think I will get business cards made up to advertise the book release. It is okay with me if no one buys the book, I just want it to be published (but I hope a couple people may buy it, hehe).

20% of the profits will be going to charity.

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