Thursday, July 24, 2008


Glad I won't be out and about downtown this weekend...

Comic-Con welcomes onslaught of geeks

More than 125,000 geeks are invading San Diego this weekend. The twist is, much of Hollywood will be here to woo those geeks. San Diego Comic-Con International kicks off Thursday at the San Diego Convention Center. The four-day convention, one of the largest held each year in the region, is much more than comic books. In the last few years, studios have used the event to launch movies and television shows. That's in addition to the hundreds of programs and sales booths focusing on anime and manga (Japanese animation and comic book novels), graphic novels (i.e., "Wanted" which was the basis for the new Angelina Jolie movie), science fiction and fantasy, and action figure collectables. Want to attend? The event is sold out ---- the first time in its history that all of the passes were scooped up before the convention ---- and a big part of that is because so many stars and creators from television shows will make appearances during the four days.

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