Monday, February 8, 2021

Workout Recap - Week 6

Sunday, January 31st – 17.25 miles of hiking/ trail running with the hubby - Mission Trails 5-Peak Challenge

Monday, February 1st – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Tuesday, February 2nd – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Wednesday, February 3rd – 90 minutes on the stationary bike 

Thursday, February 4th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike 

Friday, February 5th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Saturday, February 6th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike, 5K run

I am STOKED to report that not only did the hubby and I tackle (and conquer) the Mission Trails 5-Peak Challenge at the beginning of the week (hiking the uphills and jogging the downhills when it wasn't too steep or crowded), but I was also able to run a cautious, but, more importantly, PAIN-FREE 5K on Saturday! I am PUMPED! I'm planning to add running back into my routine maybe every other day for the first couple weeks until I know my body can handle it again. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that I had a stationary bike to keep me "active", but I have missed pounding the pavement!

How were your workouts this past week?

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