Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Favorites

It appears as though we are now back to our regularly scheduled program posts. The holidays have come and gone, the dust is starting to settle and we are finally getting back into our groove/ routine for the new year. With that, we might as well start up my Friday Favorites post where I share a few of my recent "finds" that I am loving lately. PS I'm always interested to hear what YOU may be digging currently, so make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!


This one seems random, and it is ;) Two weeks ago, the hubby and I went to our normal Friday night Mexican spot for dinner. On the way home we went by a house that syncs their Christmas lights with music. As we were watching them I saw something strange in the sky... Like, legit, WEIRD! The sun had set and the dark sky had some bright light creeping across it! I had my phone out for pictures of the Christmas lights, so I had to snap a shot of the UFO. If you watch my IG stories, you probably saw the video and heard Ryan and I weirded out by whatever was making its way across the sky. Well, come to find out it was a rocket launch from up in the Santa Barbara area that was placing 10 communication satellites in orbit. I've seen a rocket launch on the East Coast before, but never one at night or in California! It was pretty awesome to see (once we found out what is was that is... because, we may have been under the impression that Santa and his reindeer were lost and Christmas would be cancelled). FYI: People saw it as far east as Phoenix, AZ!

BQ or Bust Take 3

If you don't follow Kelly Roberts, you're missing out! She's a genuine badass who tries her darnedest to use her platform and reach to encourage and empower those around her. Kelly is on a mission to tackle goals that she once thought impossible. She has attempted to qualify for the Boston Marathon two times previously (BQ = Boston Qualifying) but didn't hit the time requirements (still obviously learned a ton along the way) and is back for TAKE 3! You know I obviously subscribe to her YouTube Channel so I can keep up on the vlogs she creates to track her journey, and you should too!

Keep It Wild

Let me be totally honest (which I always try to be, FYI), I HATE Instagram ads... Like if I accidentally double tap one, I'll legit scroll back and un-like it. BUT an IG ad is how I found out about this brand, so I guess they aren't all bad, right?! Keep It Wild appeared in my feed a couple weeks ago and I fell in love. Their stuff SOOOOOOOO cute and awesome (I'm pretty sure I need to win the lottery to be able to order everything on my wish-list)! Not only that, but when I went to their website, I was able to learn more about the company and the amazing stuff they are doing! They use 10% of their funds to fund local wilderness cleanup initiatives. In 2017, the Keep It Wild community removed over 23,000lbs. of trash! Check them out, buy a sticker/ tee/ hat/ blanket, promote responsible exploring of Mother Nature and KEEP IT WILD!


Sparkle Athletic's New Arrivals

Sparkle Athletic has been releasing some new gear recently and it is pretty amazing! I had seen some pictures from the Honolulu Marathon of their pineapple skirt and tank, so when it hit the website I was STOKED! Then they went and announced a skirt that would be PERFECT for the Los Angeles Marathon (seeing as it is the day after St. Patrick's Day) - a shamrock rainbow skirt! And for all the mermaid lovers out there, a new 'leg day' trucker hat is available! Now I just have to decide if I take advantage of the "Buy 5 Get 1 Free" deal or grab the couple that I MUST have immediately ;)

What are you loving lately?

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